domingo, 22 de outubro de 2017

Ando numa fase de biografias e gostei tanto desta que tenho de partilhar umas citações

'You should do your best to notice luck so that you don't accidentally take credit for it.'

'The stereotype of the Nagging Wife has proved very useful to those of us who are often the primary cause of all the nagging: the Useless Husband. Because these days, women who find their domestic situation deeply unsatisfactory won't just need to complain, they'll need to apologise for the complaining.'

'Masculinity adds up to little more than the pursuit of not being a woman (not walking like this, not talking like that).'

E a minha favorita:

'A young man may call himself feminist, but to do so is hardly a test of character. It isn't even a test of feminism. He'll find out how firmly he believes that women have minds of their own when one of them breaks his heart.' 


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